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through her fists through herhe handr s through her legs into hl lungs six times leaving her to bleed out. >> i dare say if that's not cruel, i don't know the definition of cruel anymore. common sense and the law recognized that even if you ingested an intoxicate can't you can still have the wits about you to perform premeditation ann can you still know if you stab somebody 13 times they will die and can you formerly make a decision to end of the life of vanessa pham. >> the defense is trying to prove to the jury there was no premeditation basically saying to the jury that vanessa pham had no bruises on her. she was not beaten. she wasn't robbed. she wasn't raped.t that julio blanco-garcia wasnc high on pcp and ha luteinsing that day and who premeditates without gloves or wiping the wi
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knife and saying that blanco-garcia is remorseful. >> we are asking for something very simple.ry we are asking you from the beginning to fix responsibility for the crime he did commit notm for the crime he didn't commit and later you will have an opportunity to weigh in on sentencing. either way you will have that opportunity. >> he told you that this was a perfect storm of tragedy. and it was.d it it was a freak set of o circumstances. >> now, the jury in this case has three choices: first-degree murder, second-degree murder orm not guilty. once there is some kind of a verdict here, if they find him i guilty there will be a penalty phase. will? >> paul wagner, thank you. >> we encourage to you stay with fox5 for continuing coverage of the vanessa pham murder trial oi air and on-line at we will tweet, we will bringt, you updates from
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the crouse as soon as theythey happen. investigators are lookinging into a small plane crash in manassas. sky-fox over the scene after 9:30 this morning at the manassas regional airport. they say the pilot was practicing take offs and landings when he crash-landed near the airport. he wasn't hurt. the plane damaged a bit. the f.a.a. is notified and the e cause is under investigation. another big story tonight bradley manning was sentenced to decades in prison for giving thousands of documents to the wikileaks web site. the former army intelligence analyst announced he wants to become a woman demanding genderg change therapy and wants the government and taxpayers to payy for it. fox5 tom fitzgerald joins usit with the story. >> reporter: private bradley manning was given a 35 year a prison term at fort meade and he could be in prison until 2048 we have learned today manning wants
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to change genders and live out those years as a woman. >> former army private bradleyy manning fresh off a three decade prison sentence says he is changing genders and changing names. from now on it is chelsea e. manning. >> we have forgotten our humanity. in a letter self-declared ar a woman and wrote "i am a female. i want to begin hormoneegin therapy." >> the army willing to step up and do the right thing. >> the human rights campaign says convict manning shouldn't only get gender assignment therapy, but the army should pat for it. >> all prisoners should be treated with humanity and proper health care. private manning is no differentr >> bradley manning's attorneyy wants the pentagon and taxpayere to pay for gender reassignment surgery, the pentagon made it clear that will not happen. in a statement, an army
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spokesperson wrote: the army does not provide hormone not replacement therapy and they are treated fairlily with: we asked taxpayers if they should foot the bill. >> i would probably say no. >> people told us given the fact he is convicted of leaking classified materials taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for any gender therapy for privatehera manning. >> my opinion is you forefet any rights to benefits from the taxpayer. >> manning is expected to serve his term at the military prison at fort leavenworth, kansas which does not offer hormone or gender reassignment surgery. >> the antiperspirant went on te tell us all inmates are considered soldiers and treated with access to mental health professionals including adi psychiatrist, psychologist andst social worker and behavioral science expert and manning's
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lawyer says a legal fight will be launched to get manning the therapy demanded in the letter. >> tom fitzgerald thank wetz asked facebook fans whw they thought: thought: >> go to a settlement reached in it the lawsuit against bob filner. the question tonight will it include his resignation. >> details of the settlement were kept private ahead of the closed door vote by city council on whether to accept the terms. at least 17 women claimed filnee sexually harassed them and one lawsuit has been filed. >> the woman suing filner fil demanded he resign. all naina city council members c and long listit of democrats de called for him to quit.
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trading halted in the nasdaq this afternoon.erno the exchange sent an alert tolet traders saying there was a problem with dissemination system used to distribute stocke quotes to human investors. trading resumed prior to the closing bell. >> joining us on what happenedt is adam shapiro of the fox business network. adam, what are we hearing about what happened? i am starting to see the possibility of hackers? >> reporter: yeah. absolutely. >> first of all, it is important to point out nasdaq issued no is public statement as to what went wrong. they may think they know what ko went wrong. they are alluding to a software glitch and the president of thei united states has been briefedde by h theas situation by people t the u.s. department of treasury, ucc and f.b.i. and we talked to someone who is a cyber expert and you have to look at the potential of what brought the system down what led to this calling flash freeze and the
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fact nobody knew the realtime price of stocks traded or listed on the nasdaq and 2400 apple, google, microsoft and sisco, system andmi if i am selling i will say this is my ask. if i am buying and this is my bid. >> nobody knew it.>> >> and that is a huge n problem. >> and nasdaq has not said they know what went wrong. adam, a three-hour halt and creating trading discrepanciestr with people unable to buyad or sell before the 12/24 shutdown this afternoon? >> if you had an order placed and pending order, you had your bid out there. all of that had to be canceled n before the trading resumed or ta you would be on the hook and it got executed once they started resuming trading again. tra the problem is this will be potentially millions of dollars of unteng lightning the chaos. >> and people with nasdaq and
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operate it will be all kinds ofl lawsuits. >> the bigger issue right now because this happened in thee past for 15 minutes in january bigger issue for investors and traders, does nasdaq have a hav system to be relied upon and former scc director criticized how nasdaq handled this. >> nasdaq has not officially said they know what went wrong. >> we are waiting for nasdaq tonight. >> adam shapiro with fox wi business network. thank you as always. president obama is laying out a plan he says could control the cost of college. c speaking from the state university at new york of buffalo, he called for the government to rank colleges on tuition and college graduation a rates and earnings of graduates. >> student graduates and lower n income students will affect the president's rating and they want the ratings system implementedmt before the 2013 school year. >> not enough colleges are working toen figure out how do t
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control costs and cut back on costs. so all to students. sticks it to families. but also taxpayers end up paying a bigger price. the average student who borrows for colleges graduates owing more than $26,000. t >> over the next two days president obama will talk about college costs with students in new york and pennsylvania. >> a new poll shows racial equality is not yet a reality. >> according to the pugh centerc research study says the u.s. has made substantial progress andst the pollan thinks blacks and th whites generally get along "pretty well." we blacks continue to substantially lag behind whites when it comesc to household incomes and 26% of blacks say their situation isayt better now than five years ago and down 39% from 2009.
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>> ben's chili bowl washington's most treasured eating establishment is celebrating the 55th anniversary. the anniversary comes as the nation is also taking note of another historic 50th anniversary of the march on washington. >> jesse jackson and bill cosbyn tw ao icons in the african-american community and icons for all of us, frankly spoke with karen gray houstonn with more on the march. >> both are outspoken in theirn own special way. both had thoughts on why 50 years later, the march on washington and martin luther king's dream is still important. >> hundreds showed up to say t happy birthday to ben and snap a picture of the venerable bill cosby and chant the traditionalo chant with jesse jackson. >> i am somebody!wi >> somebody. >> i am somebody!
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>> it was also obvious this week's march anniversary is a headliner, too.r, >> we tracked jesse jackson down in the crowd and shouted interviews while on top of a live jackson is a professional marcher and started grabbing headlines when he began working with martin luther king. he likes to say this 50th anniversary is not a celebration but a continuation of work on an unfulfilled dream. >> the dream is for public domination and right to vote. and the dream was war on poverty and the dream keeps expanding. >> and what happens now is a shift in focus. >> we need access to capital. technology, education and healtd care. bill cosby is probably the chili bowl's best famous friend. we caught up with him as the owner escorted him away from the party. i asked why it is important to
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look at the march as a a continuation and notin celebration. >> i think you just said it. >> you took all my words. m >> seriously, >> some people will call it a continuation. but i think even as people are coming down and they are in area, let's think about ourselves, the individual has to look up before the speakers speak and say to him or herself and the children where are we today up here compared to where we were then. >> we have a heart warming end to our story. jesse jackson had a special present from ben's owner virginia ali.ia >> a picture of him with martin luther king. it is a picture that used to be on the wall at ben's until somebody stole it. it was a slice of history she treasured and thought she had hung it high enough to
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discourage theft. today jesse jackson gave herckso another autographed copy. a >> that's awesome.>> >> very nice.ic >> i am so glad she was able to get the picture back.ctur >> what a great story. great hearing from both. you couldn't hear karen but not sure if mrs. ali will hang it ot the wall.e if you do, put something around it. >> frame it and screw it in. >> d.c. is a transient area.nsie if you want to feel part of thee community go wait in line for a dog at ben's. >> coming up tonight a community activist killed in cold hear from a friend who says the violence needs to stop. sto >> plus remembering chuck brown. we will take you to the memorial built in in honor of the god father of go-go. >> we are standing 75 feet above the national cathedral floor.drl >> i am beth parker. i will tell you why i am here
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and what's happening next. hot today out there. temperatures in the 90s.s. listen, thunderstorms possiblehu this evening and and look at the forecast. the news will continue. ñ
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a grand jury indicted formei nfl star aaron hernandez on and first-degree murder charge. the six-count indictment chargec the former new england patriot e in death ofn odin lloyd.n the body was found near hernandez home in june. hernandez isly held without baie
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if convictedld he could face lil in prison. police investigating a fatan shooting in southeast. timothy dawkins was killed onn 4th street. the 21-year-old community activist studied to become a preacher. >> maureen umeh joins with us more. >> reporter: we are at the william lockwoods library where timothy talkin' came everyve single day to study. he was interested in making aing difference in people's lives. people behind me he took pride in and wanted to make a difference in their lives. friends say he wasly well on his way until his life was cut short last night. timothy dawkins was found shot several times on forest street southeast where he lived. police do not have a suspect anc do not have a motive. those who knew timothy say he was a peacemaker and interestedi in politics, religion and a activism. tim was participating in events marking the 50th anniversary a
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of the march on washington andit just returned from tennessee where he and others took a groug of young people for youth activism training. treyon white says the world losl a hero. >> he was very different. and he went to the seminary school at 21 and got married at 21. it doesn't happen like that. th he was positive and had a bright future. >> we will have more of that interview with treyon white at 10:00. very heartbroken.oken he is, as well as other friends of timothy dawkins heartbrokenea the shooting and wondering how -- one of the good guys het is called could be killed in a violent way and caused no trouble. tim had a 2-year-old son. we don't know if if they made funeral arrangements. >> everyone is still in shockck and trying to understand why any how this happened. that's the latest in southwest.
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back to you. >> all right, maureen. thank you for the update. checking in live outside. a repeat of yesterday. a hot and humid summer is sticking around. gary mcgrady? >> thank you. temperatures summer-like today. you are right. the humidity has come down a little bit. bit even the temperatures 90 for a high. it hasn't been oppressive with the lower humidity. >> it is 89. cooler to the north and west. gaithersburg 82. cooler across the bay. here is the heat index. for the most part, it is 2, 3, 4 degrees above what the actual temperature is. in the city it is only 1 degree above what the temperature is. slightly lower humidity today made it feel a whole lot more comfortable. we had spotty showers, thunderstorms, too. and that is south of the metro. we have one lingering l thunderstorm to the west of la plata moving to the
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southeast. we do have a frontal system tom the north of us. >> until the front comes through i will leave in a chance of a shower or spotty thunderstorm ie the evening hours. we will talk about the forecastt and will the weekend look positively almost perfect. good news, gary. see you soon.e yo two years after the northeast earthquake things aree slowly getting to normal at the national cathedral. we will show you the progressou and wor tk that needs to be completed. plus a county that needs its is getting a new $645 million hospital. >> we will tell you where it iss being built and why it will be unlike you have ever seener s before. befo
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it was two years ago w tomorrow partas of our region fl rumbles that we are not too used to here. a earthquake measuring 5.8. >> it cost millions of dollars of damage to the nationalhe n
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cathedral. beth parker shows us there's plenty of work still to be doned >> don't look down. towers of scaffolding on giant wheels. engineers at washington nationaa cathedral will be perched heresh working to b repair earthquakeir damage two years old. >> during the quake, the ceiling rattled in the cathedral. >> when chief stone mason joe a lonzo walked into the cathedral august 23rd, 2011 he saw pieces of stone ond, the floor. >> i call them little debriss fields. little bits of mortar and little bits of stone. >> the ceiling was structural sound but netting was installed as a precaution. >> what you are looking at are chairs on the floor of the cathedral what you are used to seeing. what i am standing on now this was a deck built a few days ago something they jokingly call dance floor. it gives them access to thehe ceiling to allow them to do theo inspection and also the repairs.
5:25 pm
as you can see, it is a long run, .1 to the other end. they have to keep replicating the decking all the way down as they go. >> this will be a long process.s >> andrew hollinger is senior director for finance and cost of repairs will hit $26 million. they have raised $10 million so far. >> do i wish we raised it all by now? absolutely. but the history of this cathedral in informs us on being patient and this cathedral was built over the course of 83 years and it was built withu gifts large and small. >> it will take about 18 months. >> the plywood plass forms hang 70 feet in air and services shouldn't be interrupted. cathedral employees feel blesseo toye get the project start. >> reporter: in northwest washington beth parker fox5on news. 5:00, plans for b
5:26 pm
a multimillion dollar hospital. why leaders hope to get thehe county's aging hospital out of f the red.the >> it is a problem from the city to the suburbs. tonight an in-depth look what is fueling the heroin epidemic. >> later the suspect in thehe kidnapping of a missing virginim teen back in court today. t >> we will have all the details.
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it is official. the $645 million hospital in prince george's county will be alongside the largo town centera station t. will replace the aging hospital in cheverly. and managers say unlike the old one, the new one will break even. >> john henrehan joins us in the newsroom. john, simply offering a new building will put the hospital t in black? >> managers say the new building will offer all private rooms
5:30 pm
bringing in more higher percentage of middle class patients and more money for the hospital. locating the hospital at a metro stop will make it easier for everyone to get there. >> prince george's hospital center in cheverly has an ongoing structural economic problem. a quarter of patients carle no n health insurance and 30% more patients are covered by medicaid stingy in >> several years ago the state and county governments promised $30 million annual subsidy. anesthesiologist kendra cummings says that's a life >> we don't have threat of day-to-day closure andy- bankruptcy and issues withcy money. >> a state and local aid was contingent on building a self-supporting hospital. two sites were finalist. a huge site at a newlily abandoned shopping center and winning location a smaller site partly on grounds of boulevard of the capital shopping center in largo, literally walking
5:31 pm
distance from the largo town center metro stop less than a one block stop across an existing pedestrian current hospital patients have mixed p feelings aboutt changing where they are used to going. >> the hospital and whole neighborhood. everybody is accustomed to this. >> will you get to metro easily and the largo metro stop? >> of course. >> the train is more convenients and more fast. it should be. it is a really good idea. >> political and health leaders believe a state of the art hospital will attract a higher percentage of affluent patientsa peoplef who have health insurance. there are two patients per roomp at the current pg hospital center. >> every room will be a private room in the hospital.hosp >> it is good patient accommodation and what people expect these days and helps to control infections and prevent bad things from happening in the hospital. the new hospital will cost $645 million to build. to >> local and state bond issues
5:32 pm
will provide the bulk of money.. >> the new metro adjacent princt george's hospital center isro expected toospi open in to 17. >> john henrehan with the updatp on the new hospital. thank you. in tonight's health alert ag brandht new report shows heroin use is on the rise and people who abuse prescription pain kills are likely to try heroin. >> according to report by the substance abuse and health andng humanus service association peoe who use prescription painain relievers nonmedically were 9 to 10 times likely to start using heroin. >> 4 of 5 new heroin users previously abused prescription painab medication. eleanor is chief medical officer for the agency that released the report. thank you for joining us today. >> thank you forren inviting mev heroin use is on the rise. who is using the drug? is it separated by age, race, gender, socioeconomic background. >> what we found a large
5:33 pm
increase in number ofber individuals that have a history after boozing prescription opioid pain medications and become addicted to heroin and seems to affect people under the age of 50-years-old. >> we see this in people in the 18 to 25 and 25 to basicallyy 40-year-old range at the highest rates and it seems to be more prevalent in men. >> would you call this an epp dimic? -- epidemic.. >> i would call prescription abuse an epidemic and rise in heroin use is something that really is not terribly unexpected. >> what happens is that people become addicted -- people who
5:34 pm
misuse medications havecati vulnerability to become addicted. if they are addicted it is a very expensive habit to maintain prescription heroin opioid medications are expensive. heroin is less expensive.ensi as one is more addicted to the o medicine they need more of the drug. heroin is a good substitute unfortunately. >> and i know we are talking more about pain kills and howain you transfer from there. you said 19% of people accused of abusing it start using heroin and cvs stopped deciding to fill as many prescriptions ascrip government asked large chains to cut down on where they might see abuse coming in. >> is this a trend you are seeing that goes with that. >> what's take away with that? >> there are a number of things happening. >> we have been aware of the problem of prescription pain pr medications for some years now and intervention paininte medications and there are
5:35 pm
others.hers and the substance abuse mentalub health service administrationst has a large training program tr that trains doctors and other prescribers on how to safe prescribe medications and how to see warning signs of misuse and abuse. and what alternatives might be to prescribing prescription opioid pain medications. p >> aais time goes on doctors wil prescribe fewer of medications d which then makes it more expensive to access these drugs. >> i certainly understand why. hopefully, this is the start to getting the conversation going o and figuring out what to do to reverse trend going on now.. >> chief medical officer forfor substance abuse and mental ab health and human service association. thank you for coming in.u known as thefo beacon hilleo bandit. coming up, where the f.b.i.. needs your help finding a man
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a bond hearing for suspect in disappearance of a virginia teenager. randy taylor has been held has without bond since his arrest nearlily two weeks ago. the judge denied bond again.ed b he is charged with abducting alexis murphy. according to the report the re judge closed the hearing to thet public because search warrantsas are sealed. taylor maintains his innocence.t mercy was lastai seen august 3rd. >> the f.b.i. is offering a $5,000 reward to catch a seriala bank robber in fairfax county. the so-called beacon hill bandit robbed the same bank four times between march of 2010 and thiss
5:40 pm
july. it happened at the t.d. bank onb richmond highway and alexandriad the suspect has the same m.o. t every time walks in the bank ban talking on the phone, demands the money and takes off with money.ney. poker players listen up. >> maryland live is about to debut the new poker room, 14,800 square foot room features 52 tables and expected to draw players from across the country. >> as can you see from the facility high level finishes and great amenities from players and private cage and bar and food service to massage at theirt tables. the poker room opens to the public next wednesday. >> i have been there covering the story. looks like vegas has come to our area. >> i don't know how to play poker. >> you don't have to. just play the slots. remembering the godfather of go-go chuck brown. plans for memorial park built in his honor.hono >> scary moments for singer
5:41 pm
jennifer lopez. who was caught camping out at at her hampton's estate. >> what? >> and a chance for a few storms and the weekend, gary, is saying is looking pretty >> he is back with your extended forecast. ♪
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the godfather of go-go has been gone a year now. >> the legacy hasn't faded. >> today a major honor for a man who brought joy to so many of us. d.c. leaders gathered at a park in northeast for a chuck brown memorial. >> fox5 matt ackland was there. >> reporter: can you almost hear chuck brown's music in the air. for decades his go-go tunes were played on the small stage in landon park. >> 3, 2, 1! >> all right. the park is known as chuck brown memorial park and district officials with the brown family
5:45 pm
broke ground on what will soon s stand as tribute to the musical legacy. >> it ain't mean a thing if itna doesn't have the go-go swing. >> all right! >> bring my grandkids. bernice taylor is a native i washingtonian and thinking about chuck brown brings her happiness as she remembers the good times in her life. when i went to the first go-go it was in northwest garde and at the time it was chuck brown and soul searchers and the song was "we the people." we loved d enjoyedenjo and partied so hard that night. >> many neighbors who live in this area say since the 1970s people come here to listen to music in this small amphitheater. the original plan making this the chuck brown park was to really expand the amphitheater. residents in the area complained worried about traffic and crowd issues and that project was
5:46 pm
scaled down. in this case, the community spoke. they were listened to and heard and we did modify the design approach to more passive designd work will yet underway in a few weeks. renderings show how the park will look when complete in less than a year. >> bernice taylor says she will be here for the ribbon cutting? >> i wouldn't miss it. >> matt ackland fox5 news. everybody wants to celebrate.ate. you do too much of that out there today. and dripping wet. 90 the high today. thank you.k it wasn't quite so humid. >> did you notice. >> no. n >> not quite so humid. not trying to sell it as low humidity. >> you will like the weekend, though. >> yeah.>> the weekend will be great. >> i don't see any reasons why we have to change the forecast. it's been so nice in the last several days to see the weekend looking like it will cooperate for us. >> it is not a bad evening out
5:47 pm
here. >> it is one of the eveningsenin where if you kind of draw a big box around d.c. several miles in all directions even if it is noi a shower or storm now that doesn't mean we couldn't have one fire up in the next couple of hours or pull down from the t north and west. we have not had much south of the city this afternoon. >> we are doing more trying to t come from the north and west. the frontal system up there tonight. >> we don't have an upper level disturbance moving >> ie don't think we will see anything in terms of last night in terms of the cross of coverage but frontal system b bearing down on us there's aut chance for a concerted shower or thunderstorm on into the evening hours and maybe overnight, too. it doesn't look like a lot of us will be wet. w and a shower coming over 81. this has had a history off
5:48 pm
lightning in it. >> it doesn't look like lightning in it. >> technically we will call it a thunderstorm. isolated and pulling it back out and activity well to the north and east. temperature is 89. 82. >> cooler for gaithersburg. gai 86 for dulles and 84 manassas and add a couple of degrees in most places with thee heat index. spotty storms at 7:00 like what we have now. >> one in hagerstown. a few showers or thunderstorms and possible at 11:00 and again a chance for that. >> it will be on with the overnight tonight. >> the weekend looks great. high pressure building in i drier air. >> in the next couple of days. >> tomorrow cooler. 85 degrees. showers around tomorrow morning. >> right through the morningg hours. >> looks like most of that should stay south of the district.. okay. >> saturday looks great. 84 degrees. nice blue sky..
5:49 pm
wind out of north and lower humidity. >> we will get a taste of fall through the weekend especiallyay if you are up early. >> the system moves through and we have a frontal system to theo north and west of us tomorrow at the surface. >> the frontal surface rightntal across the area tomorrow morning and a chance for morning showers tomorrow and a wave of low pressure along the front. it probably will stall the fronh oute for a period of time a tomorrow and itmo may allow showers to form. >> the front will get throughh tomorrow and bring better conditions in the afternoon. >> tonight a few showers around the front possible and down to 72 degrees. here is your accuweather forecast for tomorrow. spotty showers out through the morning hours and still clouds around at noon with good sunshine, too. >> 82 tomorrow afternoon and looks great. 4 and lower humidity and that stays with us through the weekend. next week we are bumping in
5:50 pm
the mid to upper 80s. nice. cooling down for the weekend.wn thank you, gary. f to the talk ofth the town on tmz. the alleged stalker vacation att homeal in the hamptons without r permission. gary joins us live from l.a. >> i hear this guy stayed in the house a few days without getting noticed. >> i am assuming it is a massive house. >> was j-lo even there? >> j-lo was not there at the time this guy was there. >> how big is this place to hang out six days without beingbein noticed by the guards or peoplee working on the house or whatnot. >> he hung out in the poolhouse. it is separated from thepa main house.ra. >> the house sits on three acres. it is a big property. he was not exactly hiding it. >> while walking around the property he was taking facebooki photos of her property and posting them to his facebookeb page. >> this guy was having the time of his life. he got caught and arrested.
5:51 pm
>> and apparently j-lo has a restraining order from an issuei where he was harassing herassi mother and calling her on phone and stuff. a scary guy and he is behind bars and charged with trespassing and burglary. >> and he needs new security guards but didn't catch the security guard. shouldn't he step up for security? >> let's talk about the famous rocker who lost millions in hish divorce. that's not who we are talking about. >> this is dan from black keys lead singer going through a bitter divorce with his ex and reported on a couple of things going on. >> and we found out what the division of the assets were. th >> he had to give $5 million. $5 the lump subpoena settlement making it up with concerts. >> the interesting thing is, listed in documents bob dylan'sn hair. >> it is unclear what that is.wt
5:52 pm
>> i don't know if he owns ae lock of hair or piece the hair or whatnot and give bob dylan's hair. the owner of that and try tory reach out to bob dylan. >> we have not heard back yet. >> i would be happy with the $5 million. the hair may be creepy. it is a little odd. but to each his own. gary we will see you on tmz at 6:30. all new at 6:00 tonight. bombs fall in syria as the worle demands an investigation intonv the suspected chemical attack.ed they are waiting for c a verdict in the murder case of a northern virginia teenagerrn brutally stabbed to death.ta we are livebb outside the t crouse. plans for a million muslim march to take place on 9/11 here on washington. we will tell you about the controversy it is generating at 6:00. o
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5:56 pm
california teenager rescuede after being held captive for several day sincere talking.lkin >> she exchanged several phone calls with the alleged abductorr the day she went missing. >> the phone calls weren't phone calls. they were he was picking meey up from cher camp. and he didn't know the address or like where i was and hi to tell him the address and tell him i was going to be in the gym and not in front of school just so he knew where to come get mem >> authorities say anderson was kidnapped by family friend james dimaggio after setting fire to the home with the mother and brother inside.r >> she was rescued in the idaho wilderness. a gun went off in a backpack at a tennessee school at the s cafeteria at west side elementary in memphis. >> the school system says there was no evidence of harmful
5:57 pm
intent and there was zero tolerance against guns innc schools and authorities are trying to figure oute d how the child got the gun in the backpack. we are hearing 911 calls from a georgia elementary schoos where a man opened fire. >> no one was hurt thanks to the book keeper huff. she is hailed for talking to the gunman and getting him to surrender. >> you could hear the dispatcheh she said the gunman kept telling them he was going to kill himself. he wants the police. back >> what else, sir. >> he say he don't care if he die he have nothing to live for and nothing to mentallily stable. tell him to stand down now. >> okay. >> she said she is getting the instructions. >> he said he should just shoot his self. he had 500 rounds of ammunition, ak47 and weapons onn him when he entered the
5:58 pm
building. >> he is facing aggravateed assaults and making terrorist m threats. the news at 6:00 starts now. this is fox5 news edge at 6:00. shocking images from syria y as more bombs fall in the country. >> the world is demanding an investigation into the suspected chemical weapons attack. that's where we start off on news edge at 6:00 called the syrian civil war raging in the capital city. >> rebels say the death toll is rising. >> leland is monitoring theg situation from jerusalem.alem >> syrian forces continue the assault on rebel-held areas including where the opposition claims government used chemical weapons wednesday. w >> and they say it was baseless and victims are still being found.
5:59 pm
>> >> and they say they are giving access to the suspected site. and and international community must react. a reaction not only for the course of internationalf condemnation but reaction to b take the shape of the use of o force. calls for it continues time is not on their side. >> tomorrow will be third day since chemical weapons and there is time limits for when inspectors can provide with high probability that chemicalil weapons wereit used. >> a year ago president obamasi says use of chemical weapons by the assad regime would cross a line and officials in washington were reluctant to discuss whatnt it means in light of yesterday's developments. in jerusalem
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